D.W. Babcock


Babcock K-Kids

The Greater Sacramento Kiwanis Club is excited to be sponsoring Babcock's K-Kids program. K-Kids' first order of business is a canned food drive to benefit the Sacramento Food Bank. Please support their cause and send in a non-perishible food item with your child. Each classroom has a box for the collection. Primary and Intermediate classes are competing for an extra recess! Please help K-Kids make a difference in our community!

Student council exists to serve students:


  • It will only be as active, effective, and concerned as each student member is.


  • Student Council is the HEART of student involvement.  It is the most representative and powerful student organization on campus because it works for all students.


  • A good student council has student respect and support.  This respect and support is earned by opening its doors to all interested students, and by being aware of students’ needs and opinions.


  • Cooperation is the key to getting things done.  The council should not be a rubber stamp for any group, but it should work with others to solve problems.


  • Training and relevance are vital to the success of any student council.


  • Good leaders are developed, not born.  Informed voters help create them.  Leadership training is one goal of student council.


  • Your council can lead the way to positive social change.  Its activities and projects are the testing ground for ideas, which become part of our school.


D.W. Babcock Student Council





Meah Smith


Vice President

David Ratidara



Solonjae Sanders

Kamilah Hudson, Administrative Assistant



Ysabella Magee



Horeb Arenas

Kavalyn Teethas


Marketing Executive

Aaralyn Ceja